Dallas Tiger Baseball Teams

Tommy Hernandez - Dallas TigersTommy Hernandez is the Chairman of the Board and founder of the Dallas Tigers. Tommy grew up in El Paso, Texas playing baseball. After a successful high school career, Tommy played for Lubbock Christian University and for Texas Tech University where he was named to the All Southwest Conference Team as a third baseman. Later, Tommy joined the Texas Rangers organization and played as a catcher for two seasons in the minor leagues. Upon returning to Texas, Tommy started the Dallas Tigers Baseball Club and has been serving our local youth since 1993. The Club started with one 11U team in 1993 and has now grown to many teams ranging in age from 10 to 18.The Dallas Tigers have an alumni list of players currently playing in colleges and universities throughout the United States and in the professional ranks.

Dallas Tigers COPPELL

12U – Brett Bergman
13U – Ron Patterson : (214) 538-7704
14U – Chad Polk : (214) 686-0096
14U – Mitch Elliott
14U – Jeff Nutt
14U – Lawrence Hernandez
15U – Tommy Hernandez
15U – Mike Smith
16U – Steve Arias
16U – Lawrence Hernandez
17U – Tommy Hernandez
17U – Mike Parra
17U – Brian Peterson
17U – Mitch Elliott
18U – Cameron Watten

Dallas Tigers NORTH

Director: Robbie Nicholson, (972) 838-8051, robbie.nicholson@dallastigersbaseball.com

9U – Adam Henrich
10U – Joseph Hernandez
11U – Fred Silva
12U – Brittan Pyland
12U – Nate Le
13U – Scott Hutson
13U – Storm Griffin
13U – Matthew Sanchez
14U – Jason Powell
14U – Chad Jolley
14U – Billy Irwin
15U – David Grimes
15U – Anthony Cordova

Dallas Tigers CENTRAL

Director: Paul Ahearne, (214) 402-7092, paul.ahearne@dallastigersbaseball.com

9u – Lewis
10u – Ferem
10u – Hernandez
12u – Lyons
12u – Wearden
13u – Pyland
13u – Ahearne
13u – Muriel
13u – Hernandez
14u – TBA
14u – Rhinehart
15u – Ahearne
15u – Lyons
15u – Nester
15u – Simms
16u – Fleming
16u – Davis
17u – Balew
17u – Steed
18u – Rodgers

Dallas Tigers EAST

Director: Chris Ethridge, (214) 600-9847, chris.ethridge@dallastigersbaseball.com

9u – Austin Villanueva
9u – Matt Miller
9u – Drew Mauldin
10u – Keith Bazell
10u – Trevor Holland
11u – Matt Riebock
11u – Miguel Perez
12u – Cole Smith/ David Dickey
12u – Chris Ethridge/ Aldrey Rincones
12u – Austin Villanueva
13u – Drew Mauldin
13u – Brian Stirm
13u – Adam De La Garza
13u – Teddy Nowell
14u – Matt Beech
14u – Aldrey Rincones
14u – Miguel Perez
15u – Chris Ethridge
15u – Preston Clark
15u – Matt Beech
15u – Jovan Hernandez
16u – Josh Rutledge
16u – Tanner Toal
17u – Jeff Johnson

Dallas Tigers WEST

Director: Blake Beavan, (214) 533-1247, blake.beavan@dallastigersbaseball.com

Team list coming soon …

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