10U South-Perkins Need to Fill Last Roster Spot

The 10U Dallas Tigers South – Perkins, coached by Chad Perkins, have one final roster spot open.  If you are interested, please send your player information to the email address below.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested please contact Coach Perkins at:

Email: dtsperkins@yahoo.com


Phone: 214.206.7051

EMAIL SUBJECT: Age Group – Name – Tiger Tryouts (Ex: 9U Tyrone – Johnny Smith –
Tiger Tryouts)

Player Name
Player Birthdate
Throws/Hits (R/L)
Positions played

Father & Mothers names
Home Address

The team will be participating during the spring/summer and will play in approximately 10 –
12 Tournaments during the spring season. Coach Tyrone is looking for dedicated players and
families to fill out the team.