9U Dallas Tigers Start Strong in First Kid Pitch Tourney

In their first kid pitch baseball game of their lives, the 9U Dallas Tigers take it all the way to the championship at Tara Sawyer baseball tournament!  The team went 1-1 in pool play and came out strong in bracket play on Sunday winning 3 straight to get to the championship (4th game of the day).  They finished the weekend with their first 6 games of their careers and a runner-up trophy against strong competition.

“We achieved our objective this weekend by playing 6 games in a weekend,” commented coach Polk.  “Most people think our objective is to win tournaments, but the reality is that it doesn’t serve the team or player development well to have that approach.  We may win some tourney’s and that is great when it happens, but our objective is to play as many games in a weekend as possible and the goal is to make every player better than they were before the weekend started.”

Coach Polk went on to say, “I’m very proud of the progress these kids have made in the last 4 weeks of practices and to see them get even better this weekend is encouraging.  We’ve introduced a mountain of high school and college level elements to them in a very short amount of time and these 9 year olds amaze us at what they can pick-up.  Really looking forward to watching them progress.”

Congratulations boys and nice work!!

2012 9U Dallas Tigers at Baseball Tournament

(bottom left to right) Jacob, Caleb, Blake, Brett, Joseph, Walker, Landry, Jonah, Kade, missing JC