9U-Polk Play Another Championship Sunday

Dallas Tigers 9U coached by Chad Polk and Brett Bergman fell by 1 run in the championship game on Sunday, but that is only part of the story.  They won game one of bracket play against the Keller Knights handily.  In game two they won with a walk-off base hit to left field by Jacob Holder that scored Landry Fee from third (5-4 final score).  Game three was a great match-up with the Dallas Patriots (Pittman).  Tigers got out in front of them early and maintained the lead the whole game.  Game ended on a based loaded back pick to first base executed by JC Davis and JT Thomas.  Final score 9-5.  Nice work boys!

In the championship game it was a lot of offense.  Headed into the bottom of the 6th inning Tigers were down 17-10.  With no runners on and 2 outs, the little Tigers scored 7 runs to tie the game at 17-17.  Headed into extra innings with California tie breaker format, the Tigers gave up 1 run in the top of the inning and couldn’t answer when they came up to bat.  Tigers lost the final 18-17.

Great day again for these young boys and a fantastic effort!

Chad Polk Dallas Tigers 9U