Dallas Tigers BIG National Signing Day

Many of the graduating Dallas Tigers were busy inking National Letters of Intent with their chosen colleges yesterday on National Signing Day!  We couldn’t be more proud of the boys and their years of work to get to this point.  “This is what it’s all about.  Young kids growing up in the program and reaching their goal of playing college baseball,” commented club President, Tommy Hernandez.  “These images speak to a lot of things …family dedication to enabling their son to play at a high level, hard work of individual kids, and a platform built to develop skills, team work, and perseverance.  I look forward to National Signing Day every year, and couldn’t be more proud right now.”

From all the instructors and families in the Dallas Tigers Baseball Club, congratulations boys!!!

Drew Gooch signing with TCU
Michael Kopech signing with Arizona
Parker Mushinski signs with Texas Tech
Bryce Carter signs with Stanford
Cal Hernandez signs with DBU
Joseph Heineman signs with University of Arkansas Little Rock
Seth Jordan signs with West Virginia
Connor Wanhanen signs with TCU
Benn Hawkins signs with Air Force
Kelly Dorsett signs with ACU
Jake Wilcox signs with UTA
Travis Stone signing with SFA
Garrett Hale signs with ACU
Beau Burrows signs with Texas A&M

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