Dallas Tigers Central – 2020 Roster spots available!

The Dallas Tigers Central Select Baseball Club is still looking to finalize roster spots for the following teams. If you are interested in private work out please fill out registration link below and email: pkahearne@gmail – Name, Age, Positions

Click Here For Registration!

Youth and HS Teams Looking for players:

Dallas Tigers Nester 9u – 2 spots

Dallas Tigers Towery 10u – 2 spots

Dallas Tigers Lewis 11u – 1 spot

Dallas Tigers Fanslow 12u – 2 spots (catcher, utility, pitchers)

Dallas Tigers Rodgers 12u – 2 spots (catcher, of, pitcher)

High School:

Dallas Tigers Dowse 15u – 1 spot (utility, pitcher)

Dallas Tigers Finnegan 15u – 3 spots (ss, 3b, of, pitcher)

Dallas Tigers Rodgers 16u – 2 spots (ss, of, pitcher)

Dallas Tigers Johnson 16u – 3 spots (catcher, of, utility, pitchers)

Dallas Tigers Nester 17u – 1 spot – (pitchers)

Dallas Tigers Hancock 17u – 3 spots – (1b,3b,of, pitchers)

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