Dallas Tigers March Madness Bracket Fund Raiser

Dallas Tigers 11U-Ingram Fundraiser… ACT NOW!!!!

We would like to invite all Tigers families and friends to participate in what will be a fun and rewarding fundraiser event. Last year was a huge success and we would like to extend the invitation to the entire organization.

We have set up an NCAA March Madness bracket for you to pick your favorite teams to follow and potentially win some great prize money!!

Same as last year the cost to play is $50.00/bracket. On Tuesday 3/16 the 65 NCAA teams will be announced.  If you would like to play please reply a.s.a.p. to ginger_russell@tx.rr.com, once teams and brackets are published an email will be sent to you that will point you to an on-line tournament board where you will select your teams (very quick and easy).  In addition you’ll be asked to enter a total team score for the championship game that in the event of a tie will be used to determine the winner.

Tournament play begins on Thursday 3/16, and completed boards must be finalized prior to tip-off at 10:00 a.m. on 3/16.  Total prize money will be determined and announced after the close on 3/17.  Our goal is to sell 100 boards, if we reach our goal the total prize money will be $2,500, if less than 100 boards are sold the prize money will be split. Last year we paid out the full $2,500. This is a goal only and total prize money will not be determined until the close of 3/17.  Prize money will be allotted as follows and winners will receive a Visa gift card that can be used anywhere.

1st – 40% (up to $1,000)

2nd – 25% (up to $650)

3rd – 20% (up to $500)

4th – 10% (up to $250)

5th – 5% (up to $125)

The game is played through a secured website and standings will be emailed daily once play begins or accessed anytime through the website.  All funds raised are used toward team tournament fees and league entries for the 11U Dallas Tigers-Ingram.

Again, if you would like to play please reply to ginger_russell@tx.rr.com.  Checks should be made payable to the ‘Dallas Tigers-2017’ and mailed immediately to:

Ginger Russell

2109 Columbia Dr

Flower Mound, TX 75022


Thanks again for supporting the Dallas Tigers 11U-Ingram Baseball Team.