Dallas Tigers North Rosters Set

First off, the Dallas Tigers North would like to thank every parent and player for working their butts off in the fall with us. This is the toughest time of the year for every coach.  Making adjustments to rosters is never easy, nor fun.  Unfortunately, that’s part of this game that will never change.  If you did not make one of the teams for the Spring, Coach Smiley, Neuman and Haynes will help you find another team and can be used as a powerful reference to another team for you….WITHOUT hesitation.  Fall Ball exit review meetings with parents and players will be held next Saturday.  Times will be emailed.
The Spring rosters are as follows:
Dallas Tigers – Haynes
1. Jaxon Haynes
2. Robert Fortenberry
3. Ethan White
4. Danny Paz
5. Hayden Faulkner
6. Shane Hatzmann
7. Cooper Roach
8. Josh Lanum
9. Tom Fowler
10. Ryan Medieros
11. Hudson Hefner
12. Cody Randle
Tigers – Neuman

1.    Sam Neumann

2.    Camden Hardy

3.    Alex Johnson

4.    Ryan Jones

5.    Brennan Hoad

6.    Patrick Turner

7.    Jaxon Webber

8.    Trent McCown

9.    Cole Scefik


1. Jayson Jones
2. Tyler Oneil
3. Ryan Ward
4. Eithan Long
5. Ryan Fedderson
6. Chandler Benson
7. Cade Mcgarrh
8. Will Glatch
9. John Poe
10. Nick Moore
Email Tommy Hernandez if you have any questions. Tommy.Hernandez@dallastigersbaseball.com