Darren Woodson Insights to Dallas Tigers on ABC Good Morning Texas

Most everyone knows Darren Woodson for his Super Bowl wins, Pro Bowl selections, ESPN Pro Football Analyst work, and charity involvement, but as Darren would tell you, he is just another parent in the Dallas Tigers Baseball Club working to raise a family.  In a recent interview on ABC’s Good Morning Texas show about Carrick Brain Center, Mr. Woodson was asked about his son and being a baseball dad in the Dallas Tigers.  Check out the video!

YouTube video

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The victims of TBI, and experts in the field such as ourselves, know all too well that TBI is a complex problem with no easy solutions. It is a mixture of both physiology and neurology, and this added to the brains complexity makes both the prognosis and treatment of TBI difficult, at least in the traditional sense.
It might be called TBI, but the problem is rarely isolated to the brain – it extends to all corners of the person’s life, not just making day-to-day tasks and activities more difficult and affecting physical ability and performance, but affecting the person’s self-esteem and hope for the future.

To see Darren Woodson’s testimonial on Carrick Brain Centers visit: http://www.carrickbraincenters.com/testimonial/darren-woodson/