Over 400 Kids Try out for Dallas Tigers

Thats right over 400 turned out for the 2010-2011 Dallas Tigers Baseball Club Tryout!!! First we want to thank all the volunteers and instructors that gave their weekend to making this club tryouts a huge success. We have some of the greatest people in our club and the turnout this past weekend proved that.

Next thank you to all the parents who brought their son for this incredible experience. I hope every player had a great experience and is able to grow from it whether a Tiger this year, next year or in the future.

Finally, we had boys and young men giving it their all and that shows lots of character. Parents you should be proud of your boys for their efforts and willingness to compete. This is at the core of what motivates us everyday to help kids learn the game. Keep up the hard work no matter what.

Team instructors will be reaching out to their prospects for roster confirmations over the coming weeks.

* * * Also, look for information on this website for our Dallas Tigers Fall Instructional Program. Open to all non-Tiger and Tiger players alike. We want to teach the game to all.