Steve Hecht Interviewed on Sports Medicine Radio

Dr. Dan MuntonOur very own Steve Hecht recently did a radio interview with Dr. Dan Munton on the popular Sports Medicine Radio show Dox N Jox. Listen in as he gives insight into The Hecht Effect which fully explains in his book. To listen click here.

Steve is the author of The Hecht Effect, Simple and Powerful Tools to Improve Performance. He prepares athletes and coaches to succeed from the inside out. Mental and emotional tools and training are essential for maximizing performance potential. The Hecht Effect provides athletes and coaches a path to mental and emotional success.

steve-hechtThe Hecht Effect is a book that was developed in locker-rooms, clubhouses, and on athletic fields for athletes and coaches. Steve has been in baseball for 30 + years, both as a player and Major League Coach. The Hecht Effect is an intense focus of what works to improve athletic performance at the highest level. Athletes and coaches learn “how” to enhance performance, while the “why” becomes secondary to results.