11U Cecil – Super Series Super 16 National Championship – 4th place

Cecil’s 11U Dallas Tigers fought long and hard, through 8 games with temps above a hundred for the first time this year, to place 4th in the Super Series Super 16 National Championship Tournament.

Skills competition yielded additional hardware for the around the horn portion of the contest.  Cecil’s Tigers – Lucas Caskey, Jacob Perry, Andrew Keefer, Logan Montoya, and Dylan Ditzenberger –  had the quickest time of all teams in the tournament.  Although not quite enough to win, Ronnie Taylor and Kevin House logged homeruns during the Home Run Derby portion of the competition.

Tigers in International Power Showcase Home Run Derby

International Power Showcase, Tropicana Field, Tampa, FL

Jake Thompson (Ingram 16U) and Jackson Morris (Arias 17U)


Jake Thompson and Jackson Morris were invited to compete in the 4th Annual International Power Showcase held at Tropicana Field in Tampa, Florida.  The event consisted of workouts at the IMG Baseball Training Facility in Bradenton, FL,  a tour and batting practice at Steinbrenner Field (the New York Yankees Spring Training Facility), a banquet honoring the players and finally the competition. Check out the details at